About Manolis

Manolis Drosakis was born on 19th December 1990 in Maragarites of Rethymno, where he still lives.

His father, Lefteris Drosakis, comes from Ancient Eleftherna and is a professional motorist.

He has also been  a president of the Cultural Association of  his village for twelve years in which his contribution is of great importance.

His mother, Asimenia N. Kavgalaki, comes from Margarites and is a potter. It’s her name that was given to the family business.

Manolis is a graduate of Accounting and Financeof T.E.I. in Heraklion and has been known for his participation in football, having played in various successful teams of Crete.

During his studies, he did not stop occupying himself with pottery in his free time, in which he liked drawing on his works of art and reading to improve himself.

He had been working at an accountant’s office for five years before he made the decision to become a professional potter in 1998.