Privacy policy


1. The privacy of our online store users is very important to us, and we are committed to protecting it. This policy explains what we do with your personal information.

2. By consenting to the use of cookies in accordance with the terms of use of this policy, when you visit our website for the first time, it allows us to use cookies every time you visit our online store.

How we collect personal information

The following types of personal information may be collected, stored and used:

1. Information about your computer including IP address, geolocation, browser type and version, and operating system.

2. Information about the visits and use of our online store including the reference source, the duration of the visit, page views and the navigation paths on the website.

3. Information you entered when you registered in our online store, such as your email address (e-mail).

4. Information you entered when you created an account in our online store. For example name, date of birth, address, phone.

5. Information you entered to subscribe to our newsletter.

6. Information generated when using our online store, such as when and how often and under what conditions you use it.

7. Information related to purchases or transactions you made through our online store that includes your name, address, phone number, email, and your credit card details.

8. Any personal information sent to us. Use of personal information

Personal information you submit to us through our online store will be used for purposes set forth in this policy or on any other relevant page of our online store. We may use your personal information for the following:

1. For site and business management.

2. Personalize the site for you.

3. Enable the use of your services on our site.

4. To ship the products you purchased through our website

5. To send newsletters if you have subscribed to it.

6. To keep our site safe.

7. Other uses. Data Protection Terms We take very seriously the right of everyone to protect their personal information and we want you to feel comfortable using our website.

Recorded Information:

All visits are recorded on the server (IP addresses). Our customers’ details such as email, phone, address, etc. will not be given to third parties. However, we can use your email to send information (use will be made ONLY by our company staff).

Update & Delete your Account:

We give you the opportunity to modify your details. If you wish you can request your deletion from the online store system.

Changes to This Text:

Any changes made to this text will be notified on the main page of the site or notification via email.

If you have any questions, please contact us.