The History of Ceramics in Margarites

The residents of Margarites started making utensils made of clay at the Byzantine era.The main reason for doing so is to cover everyday needs.

They used to make ‘lekanides, brikia, laines, flaskia, kapsia’as they are called in the Cretan dialect and many other things.

They started building their kilns to bake their pots in the south part of the village for two reasons.

Firstly, there was alot of water, soil and wood at this part of the village, ingredients which were necessary for the task.

Secondly, there was a law coming from the Byzantine Empire which defined that the kilns should be built away from residential areas so that the north wind could blow away the smoke produced by them.

As time went by and because of the rise in tourism in the village , the art of pottery developed adopting a more modern style, retaining some evidence from the ancient tradition, though.