Our tradition in ceramics started in 1880 in Margarites. The first potter in our long history was Manolis K. Maris or Marakis coming from the family of Abbot Gabriel Marinaki, a hero of the holocaust of Arkadi in 1866. Grandad Manolis used to make the best pots in the village used for stroring oil and wine, which are still kept in perfect condition till the present day at manor houses in the village. An apprentice of him was his grandson (son of his daughter Asimenia, Nikos N. Kavgalakis who at the age of twelve made his first creations, such as censers, basins and crocks and later went on to make pots andother bigger ceramic pieces.


In 1962 Nikos got married to Irene, the daughter of Vasilis Kavgalakis, who was considered to be a great artist of his time, known for his special cruses.


Mastro-Nikos became known in all over the world for his good character as well as his splendid, big pots, exact copies with those found in the excavations of Knossos. People from all over the world used to come to Margarites to see his craftsmanship and admire his works of art. He took part in numerous exhibitions with great success, like in Canada, Germany, Cyprus, Paros, Mytilini, Athens and many more.


Nikos’s three daughters, Asimenia, Eleni and Nikoleta also loved the art of pottery and kept up the tradition of their family. In particular, Asimenia was the one who was really attracted by pottery , and committed herself to it from an early age, making hand-made ceramic creations. As time went by, her lovely creations were replaced by wonderful works of art.


Her husband, Lefteris Drosakis,in his spare time also occupied himself with pottery.


Their son Manolis Drosakis was brought up in the workshop and under the guidance of his grandfather Nikos, he learnt to play with the clay and create little things. Therefore, Manolis, belongs to the fifth generation of a family which keeps the tradition of this great art.